Three Benefits of Having Transparency at Our Workplace

Every company should aspire to be transparent with their clients and employees. Even though we live in the modern world, it is not quite like the future our grandfathers had dreamed of due to all of the secrecy and clandestine acts done behind the safety of computer screens. By increasing organizational transparency, we can break boundaries and eliminate trust issues to smooth operations and business transactions, and using an identity layer like can really work in our favor. Furthermore, let us give you the three benefits of having transparency at your workplace:

Less Gossiping

Less Gossip

Gossips and hear-say are nothing out of the ordinary at the workplace, and it doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in; there’s always something to talk about. Even though we can’t eliminate this to a full wipe, we can reduce them to the point that they won’t cause a problem. Gossips can tarnish your reputation and discredit all of the work you have done until now, so never take them lightly. These nasty discussions can be circulated around your workplace for a long time as they are passed around from one employee to another, transcending divisions and time. They are mostly a by-product of employee dissatisfaction and lack of openness between the upper management and the entire workforce. But you can avoid this by being more transparent with your employees from the start.

Employee Engagement


Workplace transparency can increase employee engagement up to 60 percent, and this is mainly due to the charisma and trustworthiness a company or organization leader exudes. Your job as a leader is to lead your staff members and provide guidance to them. Still, that can be a tricky feat because no one will want to follow a person who is not convincing. This is why you, as a company leader, should always aim to build trust with your employees, and that very foundation should be transparency. Keep updating them on your road map and goals, and communicate the organization’s strategy so they can rely on you and invest their trust in the company.

More Innovation


Innovation is expensive, and it has become a scarcity in today’s business trends. However, we can stimulate the birth of many innovations by becoming transparent with our employees. When we effectively cascade information pertaining to the company’s success and growth, such as goals, road map, challenges, needs, and requirements, etc., from the executives to the staff, we are making sure that vital information is being transferred across departments that can make employees understand the full gravity of the company’s status and situation. This way, you can galvanize your workers into action and think of creative and new ways to do their job, to get customers, and innovate the products and services of your company.

Building workplace transparency takes years of effort and practice, but it should never be a problem that precludes us from trying. It is time to be more honest with ourselves and other people in the workplace if we want to achieve mutual success.

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