The Load Cells from Tacuna Systems

Tacuna Systems, a small scale engineering company, specializes in data acquisition, sensing and controls tools. Tacuna Systems started by providing service and hardware solutions for the load/strain measurement industry. The company has four major partners whom they share the common target of giving top performance products, of high value to its customers. Click here for the best load cells from Tacuna Systems. Even though the company knows reasonable, priced products are a way of providing value; they realize they cannot be appreciated regarding prices only.

Miniature load cells

Tacuna Tacuna Systems has a variety of load cells brands like AnyLoad. There is a wide selection range of Miniature load cells in both tension and compression measurements that meet the weighing industry small space demands. The load cells capacity ranges from 1 Kg to 5t. They are constructed of aluminum to be sensitive or of stainless steel with the aim of being durable and have more load capacity. AnyLoad Miniature cells are great precision force measuring tools. They are an exceptional choice rightly for many industrial weighing measurement tools with limited space in compression or tension.


These little cells are widely used in factory computerization, cable testing, automation, hydraulic and pneumatic controls amongst other applications with limited space availability for load cells placement. AnyLoad Miniature cells are readily usable with a variety of standard or extra specifications which are sealed environmentally with IP66 Ingress Rating.

AnyLoad 247AS stainless steel load cell

In a time of little space amounts availability for placement of load cell under compression and tension, the AnyLoad 247AS Steel Load Button Load Cell is primarily made to offer precise and reliable weighing. AL-247AS cells can be or from 30Kg to 5t capacities and produced with stainless steel of 17-4PH for greater load capacity allowance and durability.


ProtectionThe AnyLoad Stainless Steel cell is equipped IP66 Ingress Protection rating and is environmentally sealed. It means that it has heightened dust ingress protection and withstands water jets with high pressure (with a 12.5 mm nozzle diameter) from all directions. The Miniature Stainless Steel Load Cell ensures the protection of the product when shipped, with the secure packaging. Miniature load cells give the highest all-inclusive choice of load cells, weighing and scales components which you can get on the market now and explains the new weighing industry standards with embracement of product value and technology.

AnyLoad 247AS load cell features

  • Stainless Steel material
  • Capacities rated – 30kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 200kg, 500 kg, 1t, 2t, 5t
  • 150% safe overload.
  • 300% breaking overload
  • IP66 IP rating

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