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Creating the Perfect Cup of Coffee

coffee machine

The invention of coffee is one of humankind’s greatest achievements. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide with a report made by Acorns showing the average American spending over $1000 a year on coffee alone. There is something special about brewing a homemade coffee from real beans in comparison to making it from instant coffee.


The world boasts many countries that produce the finest coffee beans with different flavors. To be able to make a fresh cup from its simplest form, you need the tools to be able to extract that sought-after drink from a humble coffee bean. There has been a significant advancement in technology that makes brewing the perfect coffee from the bean possible in almost an instant.

Freshly Brewed Is Always the Best

coffee beansWith the convenience buzzword looking to stay, coffee has also been shaped around ease and time to make with. The supermarket shelves are filled with various types of instant coffee, but for the coffee purists out there, freshly brewed coffee will always stand superior.

There are benefits and cons to the use of both types, and it is tempting to opt for the convenience of boiling a kettle and making a coffee in seconds. By doing so, you are missing out on the fuller aroma and flavor of ground coffee beans.

Enjoying the Flavor of the Bean

Several countries in the world produce coffee on an enormous scale — countries such as Indonesia, Colombia, and Brazil being the top producers. Each country has its own distinct flavor from a full aroma of the Arabica to the rich bitter tastes of the Robusta; there is a flavor for all coffee drinkers.

One great tip is to ensure you keep your coffee beans in a cool, dark, and dry place. This will ensure that the beans retain fresh flavors and to avoid exterior factors on permeating the beans. There are various ways of re-using the used ground coffee beans such as adding it to your garden as fertilizer or used as a natural cleaning scrub.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Coffee makers are expensive. Having the right coffee maker for you is like finding the perfect car. Just like buying a car, prices will vary depending on the quality. Different coffee makers have various features that make them stand out from each other.

From coffee shop worthy coffee machine to a simple homebrew maker, the market has a variety of choice to suit your needs.

Adding the Finishing Touches

The debate of what to add (or not to add) on your coffee will be sticking around for a while, with different people claiming to have the perfect formula for the perfect cup. Coffee purists have their coffee as it came out of the machine enjoying the full flavor of the bean, while some prefer adding milk or creamers enjoying a lighter drink.

Coffee is designed to be enjoyed how you want it, and there is no better way to drink your coffee than how you like it best.…