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Most Common Types Of Camera Repairs & Maintenance

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Nowadays, we all live in a world where we use cameras even on our computers and on our phones. In addition, many people own a fancy digital camera. However, like any other gadgets, digital cameras are vulnerable to damage. On the more positive note, if your camera breaks, you do not necessarily need to buy a new one since there are many technicians who specialize in camera repairs and maintenance. However, prior to making a decision, it is best if you do your research first. In this article, let us focus on the most common types of camera repairs and maintenance.


LCD Repairs

Without a doubt, your camera’s LCD is very vulnerable to damage. When it comes to taking good care of your LCD, you must correctly place it when it is inside the camera bag. In addition, you should always be careful not to drop the camera bag.

Lens Repairs

Lens  Another damage-prone part of the camera is the lens. Thus, you must take good care of the lens. Also, do not leave your camera’s batteries in the camera when not in use because the power button can be pressed accidentally and it can make the lens extend.

In addition, your lens might be stuck at an angle, and of course, you want it repaired. On a more positive note, you can fix this yourself. All you have to do is hold the camera with the angled part of the lens against the edge of a table and have the rest of the body hanging over the side. Press the angled portion into alignment by pushing down on the lens on the edge of the table, and you will surely have the lens back in position. However, if you cannot do it on your own, do not worry because you can always ask a technician to repair it for you.

Repair The Charge-Coupled Device

This device translates the light entering the lens into a digital signal. If your CCD is defective, it can cause your camera to take photos that have pink or purple dripping paint or solid black pictures, or they might have a repeating horizontal or vertical line in the images it produces. If you witness this, call the manufacturer to repair your camera. When the camera’s CCD has some specs of dust on them, you will find out that your images have bigger and smaller spots when you zoom your photos. That camera will be repaired by getting the lens removed and then remove the CCD from the back and have it cleaned to remove the dust particles on it. When doing this, ensure that you do not misplace or lose the gasket that goes around the CCD. Be careful not to leave any dirt on the lens or fingerprints.